Modif Yamaha Scorpio, 2005 (Jakarta)

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Yamaha Scorpio, 4 Person Symbiosis Mutualisma

DATA MODIFICATIONRear rims: 3.5 to 17Rear tire: 150-17 BattlaxRims: 2.50 to 17Front tire: 110-17 BattlaxExhaust: HandmadeRear chassis: Chop off 20 cm
Join the club Modified Motorcycle Club (Outsiders Nationz), for Bro Ibenk as a `burden '. The word 'modified' to have a mandatory non-standard motor. Customized measures should be acted.
Fortunately he enjoys customizing enjoy as a means of existence itself. In fact his club a lot of help. Mutualisma symbiotic, mutually beneficial.
Modification affairs, he was hanging out with Koi alias Eko Yulianto. He was builder of the complex Awiwiwww Art Work in Carburator Springs Land coachman, South Jakarta. There is also no painter nicknamed Chicken aka Yami knows harmonious color composition.
The more ritually pure again, Ibenk sobatan also with Adnan. He's an artist drawing of urban community-based art Artcoholic Sentry House the same location.

Initial step, Eko body criticized the standard Scorpio. "Especially the rear sector. Have to cut and form a street fighter style and a touch of modern flat track, "said Eko.
Of custom chassis that basis, then painted the desired estika. The concept is simple. The chassis front is considered ideal with standard rake double down tube manufacturer and typical Yamaha.
"Style road Scrambler is the benchmark. Design elements of old school XR750 HD is also inspiring, "added Ibenk. Bener also nih, XR-style simplicity. Fat bar handlebars, tank scrambler style, similar seat design Eivel Kneivel jumping past the king.
"Actually modifan simple. Tank for example, modification of the standard GL-Pro. After that many lelaku hand made exhaust such as handlebars as well. Sok front and rear lights are still andelin original front-back variations, "said Eko who have recently had a baby this.
The back got the loot (left) - GL-Pro dimodif tank (right)

"This style is flexible. Invited turing far pantes and comfortable, nice short trip hanging out, speeding in a city-style cafe racer oakley, just fit, "added Ibenk again.
Aesthetic refinement is unique and eccentric. Yami aka Chicken and Adnan Ibenk lobbied to carry out the regular baseball. He was unwilling to carve color variations by way of a good brush pen mall or freehand system. Offered drawing techniques rely on pure skill pictures. Adnan can draw the idea of ​​unique motifs using a pencil drawing.
Weh, lelaku the artist is fun to enjoy. This technique has the value of this image lebih.Trik further highlight the artists impression. Pull line rugged, emotion and mood as tegambar workmanship.
Adnan finished in action, turn chicken over menympurnakan color composition. White domination of course right that the images stand out.



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